Otros proyectos

Hamad International Airport|Explainers
I was asked to create a series of explainer videos for Hamad International Airport in Qatar, showcasing different attributes, such as its hotel, the vast gastronomic offer, and its top of the line technology.
SIKB|Explainer Video
I was asked to develop an explainer video for SIKB, a project that studies how students’ identities as knowledge builders develop, as well as how to design classrooms that can support their growth. I had the task to write the visual script, define a visual identity, illustrate all assets, and animate the final video.
Guru · Explainer Video
Earlier in 2020, I was approached by Guru to create an animated video. It had the objective of explaining how Guru can help to create COVID-19 guides and security measures for listings in Airbnb. Assisting hosts in a tough year for tourism. I had the task to direct, define a graphic style, illustrate and animate all assets. Nicolás Vázquez helped with a number of illustrations for the explainer.
NeuroCompSkill|Explainer Video
I had the task to create an explainer video for NeuroCompSkill, a project that studies the potential of fitting the environment to the strengths and weaknesses of individuals with dyslexia or autism. It aims at finding conditions in which the specific characteristics of these populations are advantageous.
Capsule is a platform where music acquires a new dimension. Artists can share and launch their music combined with compelling VR storytelling, a natural extension of the musician's concepts. The combination of music, visuals and user interaction, each unleashed to their real potential. The project is currently in pre-development stage, looking for investors and key partnerships. The animated video had the task of explaining the main features of the project and its vision for the future, while being interesting and dynamic to the viewer. It had to combine live-action footage with multiple and different expressions of art and animation. Its aim is to leave the viewer in awe. Various and diverse animation styles were used in the creation of the video. A fluctuating art direction in each unique shot. The objective was to showcase heterogeneous worlds, concepts, and emotions. At the same time, everything was unified over a key visual direction. The same identity, which is made visible
DIAMOND|Explainer Video
I was asked to develop an explainer video for DIAMOND, a project that aims to give transport operators and public authorities the tools and information to later share knowledge, recommendations and support to improve gender inclusion in current and future transport systems in Europe. I had the task to write the visual script, define an illustration and visual style, illustrate all assets, and animate the final video. DUIK and Joystick n' Sliders were used for the animation of the characters.
AddCardo | Explainer Video
I made 2 explainer videos for AddCardo, an app that helps guests and hosts have a smoother travel experience, by adding services, products and experiences to a trip.